Thursday, June 4, 2015

Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

Blue Valley Acres Land Share, Inc.
Annual Membership Meeting Minutes
10:00 am, Saturday, May 16, 2015
Legend Retail Group, 5150 E Yale Circle, Denver, Colorado.

1.  Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by President Scott Uren.

2.  Roll Call
    Board Members present: Rick Will (1/1), Scott Uren (2/11), Don Eggers (2/12), Josh Hensley (2/17)
and Tom Brannan (4/10)
    Board Members absent: Brian Lengal (1/3)
    Members present: Tim Wachuta (1/2), Jim Giltner (1/9), Stephen Streeter (1/13), Joe Freeman (2/2), Doug Jones (2/5), Beulah Gould (2/24), Bill Duford (3/1), Iris Marquez (4/16), Michael Scialla (4/21), Brad Nassimbene (5/2), Larry Thompson (5/7), Cliff Watts (5/8) & Todd Nelson (5/9).
    28 proxies received.  Total lots represented:  18 members + 28 proxies = 46 of 89 = 52%
    Additional Owners present: Tom & Suzi Geimer (2/5), Jim Grotemeyer (3/1), Sharon Thompson (5/7).

3.  2014 Meeting Minutes approval
Motion to approve 2014 meeting minutes by Jones, second by Giltner.  Motion Carried.

4.  Board of Directors election
    Current Board members:  Scott Uren, Tom Brannan, Brian Lengal, Don Eggers, Rick Will & Josh
    All current Board members are seeking re-election. Brian Lengal stated via email that if two additional members would like to be Board members he would step aside.
    Nominations for the existing Board, less Lengal, and the addition of Doug Jones & Todd Nelson was made.  Motion to approve by Watts, second by Streeter.  Motion Carried.

5.  Treasurers Report:
    Presentation of Financial Statements was made by Eggers.  Questions regarding Fishing Fund vs. River Improvement Fund was asked.  Fishing fund is specifically for stocking of fish per donations specific to that cause. All donations moving forward will be placed into River Improvement Fund.
    Anyone wishing a copy of the financials reports presented at the meeting can request them via email to:  I will gladly send them out as a PDF file.

6.  Proposed Budget for 2015
    Emergency Snow Removal Fund:      $      0.00
    Annual Liability Insurance:                $1000.00
    Block 5 Road Fund:                           $  520.00
    Road Maintenance Fund:                   $3080.00
    River Improvement Fund:                  $3100.00
    Operating Expenses:                            $1200.00         includes unpaid dues
    Total Budget:                                      $8900.00

Motion to approve the 2015 Budget was made by Jones, seconded by Giltner.  Motion Carried.

7.  Unpaid dues and filing of Liens
There is currently $2149.00 of past due annual dues outstanding between 9 lots.  The Board will be sending Intent to Lien letters to those who haven’t paid by June 1, 2015 stating that all accounts must be paid in full prior to July 1, 2015.  Liens will be filed on July 1, 2015 against those Owners who haven’t paid their accounts in full.

8.  Adoption of Revised By-Laws
The proposed revisions to the By-laws were presented.  The major changes to the By-laws involved five major areas: 1). Clean up of typos, verbiage and definitions, 2). Membership, 3). Stock Certificates, 4). Dues and 5). Liens.  Questions regarding the use of the increased dues were fielded and the response
was that we wanted to expedite the up keep of the roads and the river erosion issue.  We also will be hiring a snow removal service for the maintenance of the roads during the winter.  It was recommended that a long term plan be put into place for the next five & ten years, so that money could be set aside for those goals.
Motion to approve the Revised By-laws was made by Giltner, seconded by Streeter. Motion Carried. The revised By-laws will be placed on the website once signed. Anyone wishing to receive them in
PDF format can make a request via email to

9.  River Committee Report
The River Committee presented proposals to address the areas of erosion at the river.  The scope ranged from using tree roots and rocks to all rock and concrete barriers.  The proposals ranged from $18,000 to
$90,000.  The Committee will be meeting with Blue Valley Ranch to review the proposed modifications, seek assistance in the work and coordinate efforts.  The proposals will be placed on the website for review.

Fish stocking was addressed.  We haven’t stocked fish in approximately 4 years because of gill lice and the fact the BVR hasn’t either.  Without the cooperation of BVR we spend most of our budget on trucking.  BVR had always covered that cost and our money went solely for fish.  The feeling is that currently since the fishing is good, water levels are unpredictable and that the new “Hofer” strain of rainbow trout is unavailable that we should wait to stock when it will be more beneficial.

Plans to add some additional gravel to the road at the campground were discussed.  The possibility of getting the trucking donated was presented by Duford.  We will pursue that option and look at fixing some of the pot holes at that location.

10.  Other business:
A.  General Operating Rules: The general operating rules were discussed.  There are currently multiple versions in circulation.  The Board will review and publish a new set of rules. It is generally agreed upon that the best policy is to be respectful of each other’s rights, work with your neighbors and
if necessary call the necessary enforcement agencies:  Grand County Planning for property rights, Grand County Sheriff for animal and trespassing issues, and Colorado Division of Parks & Wildlife for fishing and poaching issues.
B. Long Term Planning:  The Board would like feedback from the Members as to what improvements they would like to see to the roads, river, campground and neighborhood in the next 5 and 10 years.  We would like to put together a master plan for the use of funds and start to save for those items.  Please email your ideas to any of the Board Members.
C. Neighborhood Snow Removal:  We are looking into the possibility of hiring a snow removal company to clear the roads in the neighborhood.  This has been difficult in the past due to our remote

location.  By teaming with Blue Valley 2, we may be able to get a company to come from either Kremmling or Summit County to provide this service.  It was recommended that we adopt the “Code of the West” as part of this service.  It would limit the snow removal to once a day and only if snow fall
was greater than 6”.  We would also look at having a local resident determine when the service is needed and not leave it to the discretion of the service provider.

11.  2016 Annual Membership Meeting
The meeting will be held Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 10:00 am at a location to be determined at or near the neighborhood.  We will look into the use of the Blue Valley Sportsman’s Club again.  Motion to approve by Will, seconded by Nelson.  Motion carried.

12.  Secretary/Treasurer Contact Information:
Don Eggers   c: 970-409-9790    email:
PO Box 1742, Kremmling, CO  80459

13.  Board Members Contact Information:
Scott Uren                              Don Eggers                             Tom Brannan President                                                Sec/Treasurer                           Member                                        

Josh Hensley                                       Rick Will Member                                                            Member                                                  

Doug Jones                                         Todd Nelson Member                                               Member