Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Proposed Gravel Pit on BVR - Info paperwork and links.

As most of you know the County is discussing allowing a gravel pit to be located immediately north of Blue Valley Acres. See image and links to data and planning and zoning paperwork below. In conjunction with improvements to Hwy 9, Grand County Planning and Zoning is currently reviewing a proposed gravel pit (including concrete crushing, concrete production and asphalt production) on a 30 acre site immediately north of Blue Valley Acres. The gravel pit has been approved by Grand County Planning Commissioners pending actual site plan, environmental and other related conditions being satisfied. The next step will be for the issue to be heard by theBoard of Land Commissioners, February 5, 2015 in Denver, Colorado. Once theapplicant has met the conditions of the Planning Commission and been approved by the State Board of Land Commissioners, it will be forwarded to the GrandCounty Board of County Commissioners for final approval. Please reference the attached letter from Grand County. As the Board of Blue Valley Land Share, Inc., we will not make any public statement regarding the gravel pit unless so directed by 1/2 of voting members of Land Share. Please provide your desire for the actions of the Board in the following link

Here are all the pertinent links to documents on this project.